CDMC-7 – Carbon Dioxide Monitor Controller System


This CO2 monitor control system functions exactly like the CDMC-6 system and utilizes the same controller (sequencer) CDDS-2. However, the CDM-7001 monitor in this system offers the versatility of portability. You can detach to the monitor and carry it from one location to the next and make spot checks of CO2 concentrations. Please note that the monitor must be patched into the controller to actually enrich or vent CO2.


  • Built-in photo sensor for enhanced control
  • Easy to program and operate with adjustable hysteresis (differential)
  • Programmed for overshoot protection logic
  • Portable CO2 monitor display both CO2 levels and temperature
  • Durable infrared sensor
  • CO2 measurement range from 0-5000 PPM
  • CO2 control range from 300-5000 PPM
  • Easy to read LED display light will not affect plant growth
  • Mode indicator LEDs
  • Factory calibrated and inspected for precision performance
  • Operates on 120V AC at 60Hz, 12A switching capacity
  • Built in kickstand
  • Requires 4 AAA batteries for portable operations
  • CO2 gas calibration port
  • Manufactured in Oregon, USA


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