Mondi Mist & Spray Compression Sprayer 1.5 qt


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This hand sprayer is designed for comfort, efficiency, safety and ease of use, yet is inexpensive enough to always keep in stock! A superior quality, 1.5 quart capacity tank sprayer designed for use in the garden or home Constructed from high grade plastic. It is equipped with a swivel nozzle that adjusts from a jet stream to a fine mist spray.

  • Superior quality, small capacity tank sprayer for the garden or home.
  • Designed to provide maximum comfort, effi ciency, safety, and ease of use.
  • Swivel nozzle that adjusts from a jet stream to a fi ne mist spray.
  • Includes bonus 6″ extension nozzle for harder to reach areas.
  • Pressure relief valve releases pressure prior to opening.

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