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Eye™ Hortilux SE 600 Grow Light System 120/240 Volt

The SE 600 grow light system is designed to maximize the performance of 600 watt EYE HOR-TILUX grow lamps. This system focuses 20% more of the light to the target area than our nearest competitor to enhance the performance of the lamp and maximize plant quality and yield.


Manufactured by Hortilux

Dutch Lighting Innovations 1000W DE120-240V Lighting System

With over 25 years of experience in development, production and sales of fixtures in the global greenhouse industry, the DLI team have redefined the lighting fixture.


Manufactured by Dutch Lighting Innovations

T5 Bad Boy

SIZE, OUTPUT and PERFORMANCE have finally met birthing the T5 BadBoy! The T5 Bad-Boy produces color and light much closer to that of regular daylight than the leading competitors resulting in tighter internodal spacing, thicker stem-walls heartier foliage, and natural increases in extracts. All of these come together to create a much healthier plant while enhancing the natural characteristics of each specific plant.


Manufactured by Bad Boz Lighting System

Hortilux Super HPS High Pressure Sodium Lamps

Provides 25% more energy in violet, blue and green spectrum than standard High Pressure Sodium.The combination of Super HPS and the Metal Ace conversion lamp provides the optimum spectral energy levels through all stages of plant growth. EN designation means environmentally friendly in that the lamp passes EPA, TCLP test criteria as non-hazardous waste.


Manufactured by Hortilux

FloraBlend 0.5-1-1

We take a diverse mixture of highly bioactive microorganisms and feed them a feast of select food sources in a hyper oxygenated environment. These beneficial microorganisms multiply consuming these food sources and through bioconversion processes new organic compounds are formed. These highly soluble organic compounds increase and promote healthy root structures, build the plants immune…


FloraBlend Vegan Plant Booster 0.5-1-1 2.5- gal (2/cs)

FloraBlend 0.5-1-1 Vegan Plant Booster 2.5 Gal (2/cs)


FloraBlend Vegan Plant Booster 0.5-1-1 6 gal

FloraBlend 0.5-1-1 Vegan Plant Booster 1/per



These products have been created by the same team that brought FloraNova to the market. In fact, the head of research and development for General Hydroponics, has a strong background in sustainable agriculture, and this line is just the beginning of his vision of pure organic hydroponics. The General Organics line is a total departure…


Flora Series

Flora Series™ is the most widely used hydroponic fertilizer in the world because it is the best! GH Flora Series™ is the original Building-Block Nutrient System – imitated but never duplicated Contains complete Primary, Secondary and Micro Nutrients – for enhanced yields and better crop quality Users can adjust mixtures to suit specific plant needs…