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B’Cuzz PK1314 is a high quality flowering preparation with Phosphorous and Potassium. Fast growing plants require Phosphate and Potassium in order to flourish in flowering. B’Cuzz PK1314 will stimulate exuberant floral development rapidly. This formula is fully soluble in water and is especially suited for the flower phase of the plant. PK1314 ensures firm, dense budding. Use of PK 1314 in the B’Cuzz feeding schedule eliminates the need for a growth and flowering formula. B’Cuzz PK1314 used in conjunction with B’Cuzz Nutrients A & B modifies the formula into a flowering formula. B’Cuzz PK 1314 is most effective when used in conjunction with B’Cuzz Nutrients. To ensure best results, use B’Cuzz stimulants in conjunction with the B’cuzz feeding schedule. Do not use B’Cuzz PK1314 in conjunction with B’Cuzz Tabzz.

Derived from

  • Phosphoric Acid
  • Potassium Hydroxide

PPM: 700 – 1400
EC 5.5 – 6.3
NPK : 0 – 13 – 14
Dosage: 1.5 mL per L



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