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CALiMAGic is a low nitrogen calcium magnesium supplement, specially formulated to prevent secondary nutrient deficiencies in fast-growing plants. Many calcium-intensive plants, like lettuce and tomatoes, need that extra Ca+ boost to optimize growth.

  • This prevents diseases related to calcium deficiency like blossom-end rot (a disease that causes the bottom of fruits to rot on the vine). CALiMAGic also prevents leaf tip burn: drying and curling leaves due to a shortage of calcium in leaf tissue. Calcium deficiency affects a huge range of plants but can easily be remedied with a little CALiMAGic!CALiMAGic is a clean, fully soluble product that will not clog spray lines or drip emitters and is safe to use in reservoirs combined with many other fertilizers. Use CALiMAGic as a part of your regular feeding program


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