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SILICIUM is the perfect additive that can be used in combination with your preferred base nutrient.

SILICIUM stimulates the uptake of nutrients giving the plant extra energy and resulting in more dry weight. Because the plants receive more energy, SILICIUM works great in combination with intercanopy light.

SILICIUM also contains:

  • Soluble potash
  • Increases the photosynthesis and the water-use efficiency.
  • Increases disease resistance and the quality of the seeds and it activate enzymes and control their reaction rates.
  • Boron is essential for seed and cell wall formation
  • Enhances Calcium uptake and stimulates the production of plant fibers.
  • MolybdenumEssential to convert inorganic phosphates to organic forms in the plant. It also takes care that Nitrogen is moved from lower to upper leavesWhy use Silicum:
  • Resistance against a-biotic stress (temperature, wind).
  • Increases the absorption of nutrients.
  • Resistance against biotic stress (pests and pathogens).
  • Increased dry weight.
  • Reduces loss of moisture form leaves.
  • Lower production costs.Use SILICIUM from start to finish of your plant cycle, using fresh water to your reservoir. Always add SILICIUM first before adding other nutrients and additives.SILICIUM is a concentrated product and a small dosage of 3 ml per 5 gallons of water is enough for large visible effects.


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