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Surge Plus is a multi-blended powder additive combining the powers of sea kelp, amino acids, molasses, carbohydrates, humic acid, and vitamin B1.

Vitamin B1 has been shown to significantly increase crop yields and encourage healthy and vigorous growth. B1 assists the plant in rooting, growing, and flowering which helps to keep plants stress free!

Humic acid chelates nutrients like magnesium, calcium, and iron by providing natural carrier compounds to bring growth enhancing nutrients and vitamins to your plant. Humic acid stimulates root and enzymatic function and assists in the more efficient utilization of nutrients and vitamins.

Surge Plus is also enriched with sea kelp which is renowned for its many benefits, including stress relief and increased amino acid and protein activity. Amino acids are the base components of protein. Supplementing with them will allow the plant to bypass their synthesis and put those resources elsewhere. Surge Plus has added amino acids to help your plant to create energy and transport nutrients. Amino acids help to increase chlorophyll production and are a source of nitrogen the plant can easily take in. Extra carbohydrates provide an energy boost to your plant during flowering to enhance yields.

Molasses helps to feed the microorganisms living in your soil by providing key minerals and vitamins. Molasses has numerous benefits for your soil like preventing salt build-up and nutrient deficiencies!

  • Key Features:
  • Added extra strength vitamin B1 for stress relief Encourages larger crop yields and stronger, healthier flowers Increases general crop health and germination rates Extra energy promotes increased oil and fragrance Faster recovery time from environmental stress such as extreme temperatures, overwatering, and drought
  • Increases nutrient uptake and chlorophyll production Stimulates root development

    Directions For Use:

  • For Use With: Soil, coco, and soilless growing mediums
  • Growth Stage:
  • Throughout rooting, growing, and flowering

    Frequency:Every feeding

    Dilution Rate: Vegetative Flowering

    Teaspoon / Gallon 1 ½ tsp per gallon 3 tsp per gallon Gram / Liter 1 g per liter

  • Brand

    Future Harvest Development


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