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Metal Halide (MH) Lamps

  • If you’re looking for lamps to use consistently – from starting and growing plants up to the flowering and fruit production stages of plant growth – look to Metal Halide lamps.

    The Metal Halide spectrum is the best possible when growing vegetation.


  • Available Wattages: 250w, 400w, 1000w

    HORTILUX™ e-Start Metal Halide is a new family of lamps designed for use on electronic/digital ballasts.

  • The starting and operating characteristics of electronic/digital ballasts are different than traditional magnetic core & coil ballasts.
  • This improves lamp performance over the life of the lamp while improving results in your indoor garden.

    e-START METAL HALIDE lamps feature:

  • Wide vegetative-sustaining spectrum for beginning stages of plant growth.
  • Extended Peak Spectral Output: the quality of the spectrum is maintained over a longer lamp life.
  • Extended time between lamp replacements: saves money.
  • Unique designs that work with electronic/digital ballasts.
  • Ability to operate on pulse-start magnetic Core and Coil ballasts. e-START METAL HALIDE lamps:


  • Are made in the USA.
  • Feature the exclusive HORTILUX™ Spectrum.
  • Are individually tested before they ship.
  • Feature a one-year warranty.
  • 100% Lead Free
  • Brand

    Eye Lighting


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