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HORTILUX™ BLUE is now available in a 600 watt version.

  • 600W BLUE is a metal halide lamp designed to operate on 600W electronic ballasts or core and coil (magnetic) HPS ballasts rated ANSI S106.
  • All 600 watt core and coil (magnetic) ballasts are HPS rated, the 600W BLUE is a conversion lamp on this system.
  • Please note that there are no 600W Metal Halide core and coil ballast. They do not exist in the general lighting industry.
  • ALL 600W Metal Halide lamps are conversion lamps designed to run on HPS core and coil ballasts.

    This lamp can be used in the following ways:

  • 600 Watt BLUE all the way through- start to finish!
  • This lamp can be used as a standalone light source which will grow the highest quality natural looking plants throughout all phases of their growing cycles.
  • Start with BLUE finish with SUPER HPS
  • Growers who prefer to use metal Halide for early plant development and then switch to high pressure sodium for flowering and fruit production can also successfully us this product.
  • Hortilux 600W BLUE allows aggressive vegetative growth using your existing HPS system.
  • Simply switch back to your 600W HPS lamp for flowering and fruit production.
  • You also may Mix BLUE with SUPER HPS start to finish!

    Multi-light systems can combine our HORTILUX BLUE along with HORTILUX Super HPS lamps for a more balanced spectrum to produce higher yields and quality of plant growth throughout all phases of plant growth.

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