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Boldtbags are industrial strength filter bags.

They are sewn with extra reinforced double stitching and use military grade nylon thread, and heat-fused nylon lined with FDA compliant resins.

  • This water tight lining ensures no absorption of bag contents into the fabric and produces a higher yield.
  • It also allows for bucketless use in suspension systems. They are available in 3 bag, 4 bag, and 8 bag kits to provide you with the best range of quality filtration solutions.The filter screens are Swiss grade quality, pressure rated and measured to the absolute microns and heat stamped to assure microns accuracy and to prevent pore-size fluctuation.
  • The reinforced construction makes Boldtbags extremely strong and ensures that these filter bags won’t burst.
  • The grommets are durable marine grade, nickel-plated brass and will not rust.
  • Supporting heavier loads is easy with a hook and pulley system that is easily assembled using the grommets.Please inspect the product for manufacturing defects before use and read our full warranty policy.
  • Rinse and clean bags between each use.
  • Rubbing alcohol and hydrogen peroxide are suitable cleaning agents.
  • Dry bags completely before folding or storing. Weight Capacity: 8 lbs per gallon.
  • If you love the Boldtbags products!

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