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The days of knocking into crops and wasting valuable space are now over with the drying rack. A grower can take their entire harvest, and now dry it in an area that is 72.5 inches in circumference and a total height of 48 inches.

  • The Rack has four separate compartments each 13.5 inches in height, and can hold a minimum of 2-3 lbs of wet material per level.
  • A 5 gallon bucket fits easily into the zippered opening, making product transfer a breeze.
  • When you are finished drying your crop… the drying rack collapses to 1.5 inches and can be stored anywhere.
  • Comes with a great storage bag!
  • Many growers are reporting great results by running their drying racks horizontally, making it easier to dry slowly and evenly, and minimizing damage to product by simply spinning the rack.
  • offered in White and a great mid size



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