Ultragrow 6 in. & 8 in. A/C



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The Ultragrow 6 in. & 8 in. A/C is the fi nest air-cool able reflector available. The Ultragrow comes with built in 6 in. & 8 in. cooling flanges for super efficient, straight-through cooling capabilities. All ALUMINUM construction allows the Ultragrow to be strong yet very lightweight and it will never rust. The Ultragrow also includes a built-in 5KV socket and 15′ cord set, as a result, no wiring is required. A tempered glass lens is standard and the reflective insert is high efficiency 95% reflective textured German aluminum for excellent light distribution without hot-spots. The 6 in. & 8 in. cooling flanges on the Ultragrow are silicon sealed, perfect for gardens utilizing supplemental CO2.

Dimensions: 22 in. long, 22 in. wide, 10.5 in. deep


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